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10/4/2013 General
Tower Avenue Road Construction Update ~ October 4th

October 4, 2013


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Tower Avenue Road Construction Update

Work completed since last update: 

·  Concrete Sidewalk has been completed between 12th and Belknap Street with a few small patches remaining project wide. 

·  Topsoil restoration and planting soil has been placed to Belknap Street with a few small areas left to be completed project wide.

·  Red concrete at intersections has been installed completed except at Broadway and the southwest corner of 6th Street. 

·  Asphalt patching has been completed on various parking areas from 4th street to Broadway Street. All asphalt has been completed on all side streets from 4th – 14th.

·  Light Poles have been installed from Winter Street and Belknap Street.

·  Contractor began setting poles for traffic signals at the intersection of Tower Avenue and Winter Street. 

·  New concrete curb and gutter has been installed on 3rd street and preparation for sidewalk has been completed.  Pavement markings have been installed on Tower Avenue between 4th and 8th street and on 4th – 7th, and 11th & 12th Streets.

·  Traffic signs have been placed between Winter and Belknap Street. 

·  General cleaning of the site has continued along with joint cleaning and sealing and grouting of storm sewer structures.


Anticipated work schedule for the week of October 7, 2013: 

·  Concrete sidewalk is scheduled to be completed in the remaining various locations project wide and on 3rd street.

·  Tree grate boarders are scheduled to be placed between Winter and Belknap Streets.

·  Asphalt is scheduled to be installed at 3rd Street.  Asphalt patching in the remaining parking lots project wide is scheduled to continue during the week. 

·  General restoration and cleaning will continue project wide. 

·  The electrical contractor is scheduled to continue to work on the traffic signals at Winter & Tower Avenue and wiring of light poles between Winter and Belknap Streets is scheduled to continue. 

·  Pavement markings are scheduled to continue between Winter and Belknap Street. 

·  General cleaning of the site and miscellaneous concrete repairs are scheduled to continue project wide.


Next Weekly Public Meeting:  Wednesday, October 16 at 2:00 p.m. at the Old Post Office Building, 1401 Tower Ave.


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