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  • Custodian Floater - Part Time

    School District of Superior
    Job Description

    Facility: District Wide Minimum 20 hours per week-School year calendar

    JOB SUMMARY: Basic custodial duties, including the operation of scrubbing machines, vacuum cleaners, shampoo machines and other equipment that may be required but not specifically listed. Perform other custodial duties as may be assigned.

    • Clean and maintain all assigned areas. Make minor repairs when required.
    • Perform other duties as may be required of the custodial staff and directed by the custodian supervisor.
    • Perform duties in a safe and consistent manner.
    • Maintain the entrances to the building in your assigned area as per existing conditions (summer/winter).
    • Assist Building Engineer with lawn care.
    • Clean, disinfect and supply assigned bathrooms daily.
    • Complete required cleaning, as per the standard established by the principal, Director of Buildings and Grounds and/or the custodian supervisor.
    • Empty the garbage and recyclable boxes in all areas daily. Clean and dust all desks, tables, bookcases, blinds, shelves and lockers in all areas daily.
    • Clean all glass daily.
    • All duties necessary for the complete cleaning of the facility, whether or not definitely specified or indicated, shall be included as though shown.
    • Employee may not leave the facility during work hours without authorization from the principal and/or Director of Buildings and Grounds.
    • Utilize all personal protective equipment necessary to work safely.
    • Read and follow material safety data sheets (MSDS) for all products used in the workplace.
    • Team clean to perform complete cleaning of the entire facility as directed by the custodial supervisor or Director of Buildings and Grounds.
    • Assist building engineer with lawn care.
    • Utilize new cleaning/maintenance equipment as directed by Administration.
    • Maintain an excellent personal safety record.
    • Employees hired as of 2005 will be expected to study, train and test for engineer preparations during employment.
    • The school district reserves the right to revise the work load and/or work hours of this position.
    • The school district reserves the right to revise the work load and/or work hours of this position.
    REPORTS TO: Building Principal/Custodian Supervisor/Buildings & Grounds Director


    • Must be capable on a continuous basis of bending/stooping, standing/walking, reaching, grasping, gripping and utilizing repetitive movements of both hands, carrying (up to 50 pounds), talking, seeing with both near and far visual acuity, have depth perception, good field of vision, hear and feel.
    • Must be capable on a frequent basis of squatting, reaching full range (up to 180 degrees), pushing from between floor and waist height (up to 75 pounds), pulling from between floor and waist height (up to 75 pounds), lifting from waist, waist to shoulder height (up to 50 pounds).
    • Must be capable on an occasional basis of climbing, lifting from floor to waist (up to 100 pounds), lifting from shoulder to overhead (up to 35 pounds).
    • Must maintain good attendance.

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