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  • Library Assistant - Part Time

    School District of Superior
    Job Description

    JOB SUMMARY: The Library Assistant ensures an efficient operation of the library and sets daily priorities based on knowledge of the overall function of the library and performs work as required or assigned.

    1. Supervises students.
    2. Promotes a positive learning environment.
    3. Utilizes the online library catalog system for circulation, collection work, and other related tasks.
    4. Checks books and other library materials in and out.
    5. Shelves books.
    6. Assists students and staff with book and media selection.
    7. Answers questions and provides information concerning library resources.
    8. Manages multiple tasks while effectively prioritizing and completing tasks in a timely manner.
    9. Assists the Teacher Librarian with collection maintenance (inventory, weeding, discards etc.).
    10. Processes new books for circulation and repairs books as needed.
    11. Selects/fills requests for resources on instructional topics.
    12. Creates library displays and promotional materials.
    13. Performs general library tasks such as cleaning, straightening, making copies, lamination, prepping library materials, etc.
    14. Operates and cares for equipment.
    15. Works with students and staff on the use of technology.
    16. Troubleshoots hardware and software issues.
    17. Assists in the management of student laptops.
    18. Assists with the library website as assigned.
    19. Reads with students as directed by the Teacher Librarian.
    20. Assists with large group activities as directed by the Teacher Librarian.
    21. Works with student helpers and volunteers.
    22. Assists with library events.
    23. Serves as a resource to any substitute teacher assigned in the absence of the Teacher Librarian.
    24. Alerts the Teacher Librarian/ Teacher to any appropriate information that relates to the students.
    25. Establishes and maintains good rapport and communication with students, parents and staff.
    26. Maintains the same high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students as is expected of fully licensed teachers.
    27. Works collaboratively with all staff.
    28. Participates in training in-service programs as requested.
    29. Other duties as assigned by the Teacher Librarian and/or administration.


    • High School diploma

    • Experience working with students
    • Experience working with technology
    • Experience with literature

    1. Capable on a continuous basis: standing, sitting, reaching, grasping, bending, stooping, twisting, repetitive movement of both hands seeing with both near and far visual acuity.
    2. Capable on a frequent basis: walking and moving, climb stairs, lifting from floor to waist (up to #50), lifting from waist to shoulders (up to #25).
    3. Capable on an occasional basis: pushing, pulling, and lifting from shoulders to overhead (up to #25).

    Additional Requirements

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