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  • School Counselor

    School District of Superior
    Job Description

    Building Assignment: District
    Effective Date: 2021-2022
    School Year Beginning Salary: Master’s degree salary schedule (experience will be considered)
    Additional $3,000 for National Board Certification Additional
    $4,000 for Doctorate Degree Benefits: As per Employee Handbook

    JOB SUMMARY: Guides students to overcome problems that impede learning and assists them in making educational, occupational, and life plans that hold promise for their personal fulfillment as mature and responsible adults.

    ● Plans, organizes, and delivers the comprehensive school counseling program.
    ● Implements guidance curriculum using effective instructional skills for individuals and/or groups.
    ● Implements the responsive services component through effective use of all district/community services.
    ● Works with administration and the Counseling Department to maintain the best services to students.
    ● Monitors student progress.
    ● Advocates, leads, and collaborates as a systems-change agent to positively influence program goals for students, parent awareness, and career interests for students.
    ● Works to discover and develop special abilities of students.
    ● Works to improve and support services to students with educational handicaps.
    ● Works with the principal and assists with coordination of 504 plans.
    ● Orients new students to school procedures and the school’s varied opportunities for learning.
    ● Works to prevent students from dropping out of school.
    ● Remains readily available to students to provide counseling that will lead each student to increased personal growth, self-understanding, and maturity.
    ● Works with students on an individual basis in finding solutions of personal problems related to home and family relations, health, and emotional adjustment.
    ● Guides students in their participation in school and community.
    ● Maintains student records and protects their confidentiality.
    ● Aids students in course and subject selection.
    ● Obtains and distributes occupational information to students and classes studying occupations.
    ● Assists students in evaluation of their aptitudes and abilities through the interpretation of individual standardized test scores and other pertinent data and works with students in evolving education and occupation plans in terms of such evaluation.
    ● Uses data to make informed decisions about students regarding behavior and academics.
    ● Interacts in a positive, constructive manner with students, families, teaching assistants and other professionals.
    ● Models the district Vision of “all means all” and demonstrates a willingness to become an active contributor to the school culture and our continual school improvement process.
    ●Demonstrates knowledge around state standards, PBIS, and technology to support students, professionalism, and communication with parents.
    ● Works well independently and in a team setting; displays strong leadership and organizational skills.
    ● Supervises students in out-of-classroom activities during the assigned workday (if applicable).
    ● Maintains professional competence by attending staff development programs, curriculum development meetings, other professional activities as required by the district, and self-selected professional growth activities.
    ● Demonstrates proficiency in the WI Teaching Standards, district teaching expectations and delivery of the WI content standards for School Counseling, and federal or state laws pertaining to students.
    ● Other duties as assigned by Administration.

    1. Professional Knowledge
    ● Uses professional knowledge to address the needs of the target learning community while demonstrating respect for individual differences, cultures, and learning needs.
    2. Communication and Collaboration
    ● Communicates and collaborates effectively with learners, families, staff, and the community to promote student learning and well-being.
    3. Assessment
    ● Gathers, analyzes, and uses data to determine learner/program needs, measure learner/program progress, guide instruction and intervention, and provide timely feedback to learners, families, staff, and community.
    4. Program Planning and Management
    ● Effectively plans, coordinates, and manages programs and services consistent with established guidelines, policies, and procedures.
    5. Program Delivery
    ● Uses professional knowledge to implement a variety of services for the targeted learning community.
    6. Professionalism
    ● Exhibits behavior consistent with legal, ethical, and professional standards, contributes to the profession, and engages in professional growth.

    ● Valid license in School Counseling from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI).
    ● Master’s Degree in Education/School Counseling.

    ● Experience working as a School Counselor. The School District of Superior is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    Candidate Requirements

    • School Counselor
    • Resume
    • Cover Letter
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Standard Questions
    • Transcript
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