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    The City of Superior is currently seeking applications for Firefighters in the Fire Department. https://www.ci.superior.wi.us/147/Fire-Department.  We would love to have you join our proud department.  Call for a tour!

    Please be sure to read this posting in its entirety or you may miss important information required in the application process, and/or important testing dates.  


    The City of Superior is participating in the Lake Superior College (LSC) Regional testing process for Entry-Level Firefighters. In addition to completing an employment application on the City's website, you must also register for the testing process through LSC and you must take the written exam at LSC and have successfully completed the CPAT-at LSC or elsewhere within 12 months. (Please see instructions for LSC registration below.)

    Work schedule is 2,912 hours/year: Currently working 48 hours on, and then having 96 hours off.
    Health/Dental insurance coverage immediately on start date (for more information click on the Benefits tab).
    Annual uniform allowance of $450. Paid in full on first paycheck.
    Annual holiday pay is approximately $2,866, paid in a pro-rated lump sum on first paycheck.
    HazMat member pay is $550 paid out yearly in February.
    Wisconsin Retirement System: Employee will make contributions to their WRS benefit at 6.9% (2024 rate) of their gross wages.  The City will contribute the balance of this benefit 19.10% (2024) for a total of 26%. 
    Paid Leave: Will accrue vacation, sick leave, and personal day hours for time off.
    The 2023 base starting salary for Firefighter is $58,036 ($19.93/hour). Top step in 2023 for Firefighter is $65,549 ($22.51/hour), with possible options for an additional 2% or 4% stipend with a specialist work assignment.  Wages will likely increase in 2024 upon ratification of contract.
    Under direction, a Firefighter performs general duty firefighting work in extinguishing and preventing fires, administering emergency medical services and in the maintenance of firefighting rigs and fire department quarters. Performs related duties as required.
    The work of this class involves the responsibility for the performance of hazardous firefighting and rescue tasks under emergency conditions, which may require strenuous exertion under such handicaps as smoke and trapped surroundings. Firefighters may be assigned the responsibility of removing persons from danger and administering emergency treatment to ill and injured persons. A large part of the employee's time is spent in the performance of routine duties at a fire station in cleaning, maintaining and repairing property and equipment, and in training and fire prevention activities. Work is normally performed under close supervision or within an established routine. Assignments are given by a superior officer both in rescue and in fighting fires and in maintenance of building, grounds and fire equipment.
     1.        Responds to a variety of types of emergency alarms such as, but not limited to, structure fires, car fires, wild land fires, auto accidents, industrial accidents, hazardous material incidents, EMS calls and rescue.
     2.       Raises and climbs ladders.
     3.       Uses a variety of tools such as extinguishers, bars, axes, saws, hammers, auto extrication equipment, etc.
     4.       Removes persons from danger and administers emergency medical services to ill and injured persons.
     5.       May be required to work in hazardous conditions and inclement weather.
     6.       Wears heavy protective clothing and SCBA while performing some duties.
     7.        Maintains and performs minor repairs of fire equipment, trucks, buildings and tools and reports deficiencies. 
     8.       Does general ground maintenance such as lawn care and snow removal.
     9.       Conducts tours of businesses to familiarize self and prepare pre-plans.
    10.       Participates in fire prevention education programs.
    11.        Assists in building inspections for fire prevention.
    12.       Trains in various fire department practices.
    13.       May be required to maintain fire hydrants.
    14.       Does related work as required.
    Working knowledge of:
    • The street system and physical layout of the City of Superior;
    • Emergency medical services at the level practiced by department.
    Some knowledge of:
    • The Incident Command System;
    • Modern firefighting and fire prevention practices.
    Ability to:
    • Understand and follow oral and written instructions and comply with rules and regulations of department;
    • Drive and operate a pumper;
    • Develop skill in firefighting and the use of firefighting equipment within a reasonable period;
    • Act quickly and calmly in an emergency;
    • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, employees and the general public;
    • Become certified as a Hazardous Materials Technician.
    • Perform the physical requirements of the position.
    Any combination of education and experience is qualifying that would provide the required knowledges and abilities. A typical way of qualifying for this position is:
    Equivalent to graduation from high school with additional fire department knowledge acquired through attendance at a recognized college, university or attendance at fire schools or fire seminars.
    Certification Requirement: Must be Firefighter I, Firefighter II and Emergency Medical Technician Basic certified at time of hire.  Must maintain EMT Basic certification. Hazardous Materials Technician will be scheduled for completion according to the needs of the Department.
    Skills Test Requirement: Must be Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) certified.
    Background Investigation: Required to complete and receive acceptable findings from a Background Investigation Questionnaire and a Background Information Disclosure (required by sections 48.685 and 50.065 of the Wisconsin Statutes).
    Oath of Office Requirement: Will be required to take an oath of office.
    Driver License Requirement: Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license.
    Residency Requirement: Must reside and maintain residency anywhere within a 45-minute response time to the corporate limits of the City of Superior within 6 months of completion of probation.
    Post Job Offer Psychological Examination Requirement: Must pass a psychological exam for the position prior to hire. 
    Post Job Offer Medical Examination Requirement: Must pass medical examination requirement for specified occupational grouping and drug screen prior to hire.
    An employment application must be completed on the City of Superior's website at:  http://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/superiorwi

    You must attach any copies of certifications you have to your on-line application (Firefighter I & II and EMT Basic)

    The City of Superior is participating in the Lake Superior College (LSC) Regional testing process for Entry-Level Firefighters. In addition to completing an employment application on the City's website, you must also register for the testing process through LSC (see link below) to take the written exam and CPAT agility exam (if you have not completed the CPAT within 12 months).

    Orientations for CPAT testing at LSC start October 6, 2023 & October 20, 2023 so please see LSC website to register soon! 

    Please use this link for more information on the LCS process, testing dates, and to register for the exams: 


    A total cost of $175.00 must be paid to Lake Superior College to take the CPAT exam. Test fee is non-refundable.  There is no cost to take the written exam at LSC.

    The written examination and CPAT agility will be given at LSC Emergency Response Training Center (ERTC) to candidates meeting the minimum requirements on Friday, December 1, 2023. LSC ERTC is located at 11501 Hwy 23, Duluth, MN 55808.

    Questions about the CPAT certification can be answered by calling LSC Emergency Response Training Center (ERTC) at 218-733-7680 or email continuingeducation@lsc.edu. If you possess a CPAT certification within the last 12 months, you should call LSC ERTC to get it verified and get signed up for only the written exam. 

    If you have a qualifying CPAT certification, you will still be required to take the written examination at LSC in December 2023. You will not be required to pay the $175.

    A Candidate must be in the top 50 receiving a passing score on the written exam, and possess a qualifying CPAT certification to participate in the oral examination to be held on January 20, 2024.
    Candidates will be notified of their status after the written exam by the City of Superior Human Resources Department.

    ORAL EXAM:  Saturday, January 20, 2024 in Superior, Wisconsin. (SAVE THE DATE!)

    Successful candidates must then pass an oral exam to be placed on the eligible list for hiring. Veteran's Preference points will be added to passing oral exam scores for placement on the eligible list. Candidates on the eligible list will be required to complete and receive acceptable findings from a Background Investigation Questionnaire to continue. Finally, candidates must pass a post job offer medical examination, drug screen and psychological exam to receive a probationary appointment. 

    Please reach out to the City's Human Resources Department with any questions.
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