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    Senior Connections, Inc.
    Job Description
    Senior Connections - Specialized Transport Driver

    $14.12 per hour, 7:30am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

    The Specialized Transport Driver reports to the Transportation Coordinator and is responsible for the safe and timely transportation of clients (older adults) to and from various locations. The Driver must be able to safely handle wheelchairs and clients with special needs while also maintaining a schedule for drop off and pick up times.
    • Must have a valid Driver’s license with a clean record.
    • Must be CPR certified or able to get certification.
    • Must receive training on how to safely handle wheelchairs and other walking aides.
    • Ability to manage a schedule.
    • Ability to navigate throughout the Twin Ports and Douglas County, WI.
    • Ability to communicate with clients and supervisors.
    • Ability to work with walking aids and wheelchairs and assist with clients getting in and out of the vehicle.
    • Ability to sit for long periods of time.
    Duties and Responsibilities
    Listed below are examples of duties and areas of responsibility for this position. The listing below does not include all responsibilities or challenges that present themselves in this position.
    • Transport clients to and from locations.
    • Assist with embarking and disembarking the vehicle.
    • Manage a strict schedule of drop offs and pickups.
    • Navigate throughout the Twin Ports, being cognizant of traffic and construction changes.
    • Assist clients throughout the process as needed.
    • Complete daily paperwork as directed by Transportation Coordinator.

     Interested candidates are encouraged to fill out an application in person at Senior Connections, 1805 N. 16th Street, Superior, WI during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8-4:30). Any questions, please call 715-394-3611.
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