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  • Director of Protective Services

    University of Wisconsin-Superior
    Job Description
    POSITION SUMMARY: The Director of Protective Services is responsible for the overall administration, supervision, planning, organization, and direction of the Office of Campus Safety and Parking Services, which consists of sworn law enforcement agents and university security officers. The Director implements appropriate programs, policies and procedures consistent with maintaining law and order and safety at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. The Director has full statutory arrest authority as a peace officer in the State of Wisconsin. Unit decisions are guided by the Wisconsin State Statutes and Administrative Codes, Department of Justice, City of Superior ordinances, UW-System policies, UW-Superior policies, rules and regulations, and Department of Public Safety policies and procedures. The above guidelines are subject to interpretation based on mitigating circumstances, past practice, and the Attorney General or other legal opinions. The work of the Director involves frequent communications with students and employees across campus, UW-System and local agencies. Extensive procedural knowledge and organizational skills are essential to proactive and innovative planning, strategic direction, and effective leadership of public safety functions. Duties and Responsibilities: • Serve as chief law enforcement officer, including management and supervision of police and security personnel; coordinate the enforcement of state statutes, rules and regulations of state agencies, the UW System and UW-Superior; implement and direct Homeland Security directives, county and city law ordinances as they pertain to public safety and law enforcement responsibility of the University; coordinate with and provide assistance to other appropriate law enforcement agencies within the area. • Provide leadership in the compilation, completion and publication of the annual Clery Report. Provide Campus Security Authority (CSA) training in response to Clery directives. • Provide leadership to establish and implement crime prevention; serve on implementation teams for campus Ready Week, SAFE Alerts, and the development of special programs designed to prevent crime (theft prevention, self-defense, preventing sexual assault, etc.). • Conduct and/or supervise investigations of criminal activity occurring on campus. Prepare cases for court appearances and work with the District Attorney, UW-System legal counsel, and the appropriate campus designee dependent on type and location of criminal activity. • Provide leadership and direction for the office of Campus Safety including policy development and implementation of operation reporting; development of performance standards, training and financial operating procedures and budget control; supervise the maintenance and annual reporting of police data in compliance with law and good practice; develop and implement internal policy and control for all criminal and non-criminal investigations on campus. • Acts as the agency's TIME (Transaction Information for the Management of Enforcement) Agency Coordinator (TAC), TRAIN (Training Resources Available Internet) Administrator, and Validation officer which are Department of Justice mandates.• Provide staff development and ongoing training programs to ensure proper procedures are followed in search and seizure, investigation, crowd control, arrests, and coordination with municipal police, fire and rescue personnel when appropriate. Provide trained staff support for the special campus public events (commencement, dances, athletic events, concerts, etc.). • Provide leadership and direction for the office of Parking Services; develop and implement policy working with appropriate governance committees; ensure a high level of customer service; provide an enforcement program addressing fair and equitable regulations. . Coordinate the campus involvement with the Duluth Transit Authority's ridership program. • Provide long range planning in the area of parking facilities; schedule and supervise maintenance of parking lots; including, resurfacing, replacing, striping, sweeping and snow removal service of campus parking lots. • In collaboration with campus Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) and campus Risk Management, design, recommend and implement emergency contingency plans to address destructive property loss or life-threatening situations. COOP (Continuity of Operating Procedures) plans should include emergency personnel response actions, coordination of mutual aid agencies, safe evacuation of people from affected areas and resumption of services. Develop an annual review of University plans for meeting major emergencies. Assist with coordination of the campus response to major emergencies. • In collaboration with EH&S and campus Risk Management plan and carryout the annual required "table top exercise". • In collaboration with EH&S assist with annual Fire and Severe Weather drills. • Supervise the coordination and implementation of the campus-wide key control system, ensuring appropriate access authorization, inventory control, distribution of keys and associated records. • Supervise the coordination and implementation of the driver approval program on campus and maintain appropriate records. • Plan, direct and develop department budgets to meet operating and maintenance requirements, including staffing, automated systems, space requirements and capital acquisitions. • Remain actively involved in professional activities that are relevant to the position. • Foster positive relationships with all external and internal constituencies served by the university. Campus liaison with local law enforcement and emergency management agencies in the twin ports area. • Complete mandatory training and professional development as assigned. • Other duties as assigned. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities • Knowledge of applicable laws, codes, regulations, policy and procedures. • Knowledge of and experience with budgeting and financial accountability. • Knowledge of and experience in personnel management. • Knowledge of and experience with technology and information systems. • Ability to lead and motivate staff; work with local unions if applicable. • Ability to foster a cooperative leadership and working environment to enhance and promote sensitivity to and respect for diversity. • Ability to make administrative and procedural decisions and judgments based on sensitive, confidential issues. • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
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