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  • Environmental Services Water Resources Program Coordinator

    City of Superior
    Job Description
    Starting Wage Range: Approximately $30.01 - $32.51, depending on related qualifications and experience of candidate.

    Work location: Environmental Services (Wastewater Treatment Plant), 51 E. 1st Street, Superior, WI

    Work schedule: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (40 hours/week or as needed otherwise)

    Benefits:  Health/Dental Insurance, Retirement, Life Insurance, Paid Time Off, Paid Holidays


    Under direction of the Stormwater and Administrative Manager this person develops, organizes, designs, and implements projects and programs as directed to remain compliant with the City of Superior’s permits to discharge under the Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) permits for wastewater and stormwater.


    This employee has responsibility for coordination of the WPDES programs: pollutant minimization program, pretreatment program, stormwater programs, and wastewater programs.  An employee in this class will work closely with the Water Resource Specialists to assure that all components of the various permit compliance programs are completed.

    Employment Standards:

    1. Plans and coordinates the pollution prevention, industrial pretreatment, and stormwater management programs in compliance with WPDES permits for the City as directed. 
    2. Maintains accurate, clear, and concise records for the WPDES database and coordinates activities that are being performed by other departments/divisions. 
    3. Conducts investigations of stormwater ordinances, WPDES permit violations, illicit discharges, illegal dumping, and related violations and/or enforcement procedures. 
    4. Develops and implements enforcement activities specified in the City's WPDES permit. 
    5. Ensures compliance with applicable standards and requirements as set forth in the WPDES Permit through continuous monitoring of projects, policies and procedures related to management operation and maintenance of the City's municipal separate stormwater system. 
    6. Prepares and revises City Ordinances and engineering standards relating to stormwater management. 
    7. Develops and/or implements specifications and Best Management Practices (BMP) for stormwater pollution prevention from non-point sources. 
    8. Conducts inspections to ensure compliance with the permitted plan and correct installation of the practices specified in the plan.
    9. Meets with consultants/developers to provide guidance on how to achieve Stormwater Management permit requirements, evaluate submittals, and issue permits.
    10. Coordinates grant requests for stormwater related projects through local, state, and federal agencies. 
    11. Oversees stormwater billing program, including impervious area designations, inspections, credit evaluations, and GIS/GCS uploads. Assists in the utility billing processing as needed.
    12. Develops, reviews, and updates program documents.
    13. Compiles periodic reports for WDNR, EPA, and other regulatory agencies.
    14. Assists with annual budget development for both utilities.
    15. Assists the Stormwater and Administrative Services Manager as needed.

    Thorough knowledge of:
    • Current principles and practices of stormwater management, and related environmental and engineering areas. 
    • Low impact development techniques.
    • Conduct inspections and investigations. 
    Working knowledge of:
    • Wastewater, stormwater and collection system operations, maintenance and functions.
    • Grant application process, administration, budgeting and reporting.
    • Computer applications, including word processing, spreadsheets and data base systems, and geographic information systems.
     Ability to
    • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.
    • Lead and guide a working team of professional colleagues.
    • Work collaboratively and communicate well with Supervisor.
    • Conduct inspections and investigations. 
    • Perform basic lab and field sampling techniques. 
    • Understand and follow oral and written instructions and to perform accurate measurements. 
    • Communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing. 
    • Plan and schedule work. 
    • Follow technical instructions.
    Requirements/Special Requirements:

    REQUIREMENTS: Training and Experience: Any combination of training and experience which would provide the required knowledges and abilities is qualifying.   A typical way to obtain these knowledges and abilities would be:
    • Graduation from a recognized 4 year college or university with a bachelor’s degree in a related field, and
    • Two (2) years of experience coordinating and managing complex programs.

    Driver License Requirement: Must possess valid driver’s license or be able to provide a suitable form of transportation if necessary as approved by the department head.
    Residency Requirement: None.
    Post Job Offer Medical Examination Requirement:  Must pass medical examination for specified occupational grouping and drug screen prior to hire.

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