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  • Zoning Coordinator

    Superior-Douglas County Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Bureau
    Job Description
    Administers County zoning, shoreland zoning, subdivision control, floodplain and rural address ordinances. Regulates private sewage systems. Administer and enforce ordinances. Lead staff in analyzation and processing of applications, permits and data. Supervises personnel by prioritizing, assigning work and deadlines, planning, organizing and coordinating. Reviews complex work sites, soil tests, plats and surveys, sanitary facilities and construction plans for accuracy and compliance by assessing information. Provide accurate and timely information to the public, elected officials and internal staff. Coordinates with local State and Federal officials on issues relative to zoning and ordinances to determine the effects legislation has on the County and advises Committee on appropriate action. Conduct public hearings. Perform planning functions related to land use and hazard mitigation. Assists with annual budgeting, routine financial activities and reporting. Promotes public education of planning and zoning related matters. Performs other duties as required.
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