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    Nummi Jewelers, LLC
    Job Description

    *Job Description: Nummi Jewelers sales associates work directly with customers, helping identify their needs, selling them merchandise and taking in their repairs and or engraving. They perform a number of tasks such as presenting jewelry, conducting sales, running credit cards, and inspecting jewelry. These associates must be knowledgeable of the items in their store to answer potential customer questions and effectively sell products; for example, the sales associate must know the difference between different types of metal, understand the processes used to make merchandise, and have a vast understanding of gemstones. Jewelry sales associates must use their customer-service skills to effectively make sales presentations and build long-term relationships with customers.

    A Nummi Jewelers sales associate must have a love of fashion/jewelry and a passion for learning new things.

    Jewelry sales associates at Nummi Jewelers have flexible hours based on their college class schedule and can work full or part time. Nummi Jewelers pay is hourly and based on experience.

    Nummi Jewelers requires a high school diploma or equivalent for the jewelry sales associate position. Relevant experience may be preferred but is not required. Jewelry sales associates must have excellent communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills. They must be comfortable with working in an environment where there may be a higher potential for theft. Certifications - such as certified sales professional designation - may be beneficial or having previously worked in retail. Nummi Jewelers will provide on-the-job training to newly hired associates.

    Sales Consultant, Jewelry Tasks

    . Greet customers as they arrive at the store / counter and ask them how they would like to be assisted • Listen to customers’ requirements closely and provide them with information on available pieces and sets • Show customers their desired pieces and provide information such as setting types, stones and cuts • Provide customers with information on prices and any associated discounts or deals • Assist customers in making decisions to buy jewelry pieces or sets and suggest alternatives and complementing pieces with clothes and other accessories • Lead customers through the buying process by boxing, wrapping and bagging their purchases • Assist the cashier by providing pricing information according to weight (in cases of gold and silver jewelry) and processing cash and credit card transactions • Educate customers about warrantees and guarantees of sold pieces and ensure that all documentation is included with the bagged product • Arrange window displays on a regular basis and ensure that all displays are properly locked and secured • Ascertain that all pieces of jewelry are locked up in assigned storage palaces at the end of the day

    Job Type: Full-time


    • Day shift


    Weekly day range: 

    • Monday to Friday
    • Saturdays in November and December and longer hours due to the holidays


    Work Location: In person

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