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  • DTA to Launch “Go Lines” Summer of 2022 as part of Better Bus Blueprint System Implementation

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    November 03, 2021
    DTA to Launch “Go Lines” Summer of 2022 as part of Better Bus Blueprint System Implementation

    The DTA is excited to announce the name of the new high-frequency bus service as planned with the Better Bus Blueprint system redesign. The specialty routes will be branded as “Go Lines,” which will consist of the “Blue Line” (Route 101) and the “Green Line” (Route 102). The Go Lines will be uniquely distinguished amongst the DTA’s other services, have buses coming every 15-minutes on weekdays, and have limited stops. This is all to provide an attractive rapid service that will get you from point A to B quicker.  The Blue Line will operate from Spirit Valley to Downtown and on to UMD by traveling on Grand Avenue, Superior Street, and 21st Avenue East.  The Green Line will operate from Downtown to Miller Hill Mall and on to Wal-Mart by traveling on Superior Street, 6th Avenue East, and Central Entrance.
    The Go Lines are part of a broader DTA vision to transform those routes into Arterial Bus Rapid Transit (aBRT) lines. Beginning next summer, the DTA will offer BRT levels of frequency (how often a bus comes) with future aspirations of eventually launching full scale BRT, which will require large capital investments in buses, stops & stations, and technology. This is the first step of many to improve the experience of the DTA’s two most important routes. The Go Lines will represent the backbone of the DTA’s service and provide the most attractive service.
    BRT service is an ever-increasing strategy for transit agencies to win back riders and to provide higher-quality transit service. Arterial BRT is a package of transit enhancements that results in faster trips and an improved experience for riders along the most important corridors in Duluth.
    DTA General Manager Rod Fournier said, “These Go line Routes will play a key role in forging an attractive new system.  We are very excited to give the public a taste of these routes, which will have their own branding, simple navigation, and offer very attractive and efficient trips with 15-minute frequencies during key travel times.” “With the combination of the two Go-Line Routes, and the increased frequency all day and on the weekends, we’re are looking forward to seeing how these system improvements will benefit the communities we serve” noted Director of Planning Chris Belden.
    Questions or other inquiries can be directed to:
    David Clark, Director of Marketing
    dclark@duluthtransit.com, (218) 623-4314

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