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  • Wisconsin Point: A Unique Beach Experience

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    In the farthest west corner of Lake Superior, you will find a natural phenomenon that might surprise you.
    Wisconsin point forms one of the largest freshwater sandbars in the world. Here are some of the reasons to visit this spectacular place.

    The Beach

    This massive sandbar creates 2.75 miles of beach in Wisconsin, 3.5 miles if you include Minnesota point. Visitors use the beach for long walks with their pets, exploring and appreciating nature, even sunbathing and making sand castles! If you’re brave, take a dip in the cool waters, but be careful, there are no life guards on duty. The views of the beach and the water will make you feel like you are on an ocean shoreline.

    The Land
    Besides the long stretch of beach, Wisconsin Point also features 203 acres of natural and recreational land. One of the most amazing things to do in this massive marshland is bird watching. Migrating birds from all over stop here in the months of May and September. Visitors can also duck hunt and hike trails throughout the park. There is a lot of wetland and forest to explore!

    The Lighthouse
    Wisconsin Point has a few historical markers as well. Most notably is the beautiful lighthouse along a rocky shore. The Superior Entry Lighthouse was built in 1913 and is a popular photography and tourist destination. The park also has a marker for the Chippewa Native American burial site. In the 17th century, the Fond du Lac Band of Chippewa used Wisconsin Point as their burial ground. The marker is covered today with feathers, tobacco, beads, coins, and other tokens to remember them. 
    Between the beach, the land, and the historical lighthouse and burial site, there is a lot to see at Wisconsin Point! Plan your visit to this unique place for a peaceful retreat immersed in nature.
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