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    The Chamber and Visitors Bureau staff carry out the daily tasks to accomplish the mission statement:  "Our purpose is to advance the business interest and community growth of Superior-Douglas County".

    If you need assistance please feel free to contact our office at 715-394-7716. 

  • Taylor Pedersen, President, CEO
  • Taylor Pedersen
    President, CEO


  • Annette Farmakes, Welcome Center Staff
  • Annette Farmakes
    Lead Welcome Center Staff
    Tourist Information Specialist

  • Lori Vork, Office Manager
  • Lori Vork
    Office Manager


  • Ben Peters, Welcome Center Staff
  • Ben Peters
    Welcome Center Staff
    Tourist Information Specialist

  • Nikky Farmakes, Director of Marketing & Social Media
  • Nikky Farmakes
    Director of Marketing


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