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    Douglas County, population 43,601 is located in northwest Wisconsin at the head of Lake Superior and is part of the Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Statistical Area. Superior is Douglas County's largest municipality.  With Duluth, MN, Superior forms the largest port on the Great Lakes by tonnage. Superior is home to the University of Wisconsin Superior and Northwood Technical College.
    Major industries in Douglas County include transportation, manufacturing, wood products, petroleum, and tourism.  The County offers outstanding K-12 and higher education, first-class health care facilities, and a high quality of life.  Douglas County is a transportation hub served by an international shipping port, North America's longest pipeline, four Class I railroads, and several trucking firms.  Interstate 35 and four-lane U.S. Highway 53 connect Douglas County to major metropolitan areas in the upper Midwest and throughout the U.S.  Douglas County has some of the lowest electric rates in the Midwest. 

    A humid continental type climate, modified by the tempering influence of Lake Superior and by local variations in topography. Lake Superior acts as a large storage basin for heat or cold and thus tends to increase the number of frost-free days along the lake, but also acts as a coolant in the summer. The average yearly precipitation is 32.1 inches. In summer, Douglas County away from the lake is considerably warmer.

    Season Average Temperature Range
    Winter Average Low: -1 Fahrenheit
    Winter Average High: 25 Fahrenheit

    Spring Average Low: 17 Fahrenheit
    Spring Average High: 59 Fahrenheit

    Summer Average Low: 46 Fahrenheit
    Summer Average High: 78 Fahrenheit

    Fall Average Low: 23 Fahrenheit
    Fall Average High: 66 Fahrenheit

    Water Resources:
    In addition to beautiful Lake Superior, there are 431 lakes in Douglas County. The mainland shore bordering Lake Superior is 23.77 miles in length. Lake Superior consists of 31,820 square miles. Its maximum depth is 1,333 feet with a total water volume of 3 quadrillion gallons. To take a circle tour of the lake, you would have to travel a total of 1,300 miles. The states that border Lake Superior are Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan and the Canadian Province that borders Lake Superior is Ontario.

    Forest Resources:
    Superior Municipal Forest, located within Superior city limits, is the 2nd largest municipal forest, within city limits, in the nation.  The forest is 4,500 acres, which includes summer and winter recreational activities and trails. Also located in Douglas County is the Brule River State Forest which includes 40,000 acres, including 6 miles of Lake Superior Shoreline.

    Richard I. Bong Municipal Airport:
    Includes a 5,100 foot runway that runs SE to NW and a new NE to SW runway.  Modern hanger. Full-time maintenance with beacon and restaurant facility on premises. Civil Air Patrol Unit. The municipal airport is served with two global positioning system (GPS) instrument approaches and an AWOS is available.


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