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    What Is Youth Leadership?

    The Chamber Foundation offers a two-year leadership, personal, and workforce development program for 11th and 12th grade students with the goal of developing young leaders and showcasing the countless gems in Superior-Douglas County.  This Program has, for the past seventeen years, attracted over 600 students from all the high schools in Douglas County; Superior, Northwestern, Solon Springs, and Maranatha Academy.  The Youth Leadership Program has been put on hold indefinitely as of July 2021.

    Below is a sample schedule for this program:

    Universal Orlando™ Youth Programs

    Students will go beyond the basics and reimagine the classroom at Universal Orlando Resort™.  They’ll explore  professional and academic interests with programs that meet National and State Standards. This collection of education programs  are offered in the authentic, immersive classroom of Universal Orlando’s theme parks.

    Junior Year Curriculum:

    The Junior year is designed to help you break out of your shell, learn about Douglas County, and explore new experiences you can’t do elsewhere. Throughout the year, you will learn more about yourself as a person, start figuring out your leadership style, and learn more about the community you live in.

    Monthly Events:

    June – Last Middle First Day, True Colors/Team Bonding & Ethics, Community Leaders Meet and Greet

    July – Business Basics and Career Exploration

    Educational Retreat – Universal Orlando, FL

    August – Group Breakout Session #1

    September – Volunteer Opportunities (if applicable)

    October- Group Breakout Session #2, Volunteer Opportunities (if applicable)

    November – Volunteer Opportunity (if applicable)

    December – Volunteer Opportunity (if applicable)

    January – Healthcare and Human Services Day, Volunteer Opportunities (If applicable)

    February – Group Breakout Session #3

    March- Volunteer Opportunities (if applicable)

    April – Volunteer Opportunities(If applicable)

    May – Volunteer Opportunities (If applicable)

    June – Last Middle First Day, Volunteer Opportunities (if applicable)

    *Program schedule subject to change

    Senior Year Curriculum:

    The Senior year is designed to help you hone your leadership style and personal development skills you have developed in the Junior year of the program.  Throughout the Senior year, you will have the opportunity to “Take the Lead” in various leadership roles, expand your horizons further on our community, and learn more about yourself.

    Monthly Events:

    June – Last Middle First Day, Volunteer Opportunities (If applicable)

    July – Volunteer Opportunities (If applicable)

    Educational Retreat (If applicable)

    August – Year Planning Meeting, Public Speaking and Body Language Program

    September – Volunteer Opportunities (If applicable)

    October – Volunteer Opportunities (If applicable)

    November – Volunteer Opportunities, Recruitment for Youth Leadership Program

    December – Recruitment for Youth Leadership Program

    January – Interviews for Incoming Class, Volunteer Opportunities (If applicable)

    February – Women in Leadership Program

    March – Volunteer Opportunities (If applicable)

    April – Volunteer Opportunities (If applicable)

    May – Excellence in Education Ceremony, Volunteer Opportunities (If applicable)

    June – Last Middle First Day

    *Program schedule subject to change

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