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    What Is Youth Leadership?

    The Chamber offers a two-year leadership development program for 11th and 12th grade students with the goal of developing young leaders to model behavior and lead their peers in changing the prevailing student culture. This Program has, for the past thirteen years, attracted over 438 students from all the high schools in Douglas County; Superior, North Western, Solon Springs, and  Maranatha Academy. The Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College is also a supporter of the Chamber Youth Leadership Program and gives the students the opportunity to earn a college credit by taking this program.

    Walt Disney's Y.E.S. Program

    Disney Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.) transports our students behind the scenes of Disney Theme Parks to showcase how principles they're learning in the classroom make exciting things happen every day at Walt Disney World® Resort. Disney facilitator’s use captivating material and breathtaking experiences to get our students' eyes wide open. The 3½-hour facilitated programs are designed to inspire our young learners. Disney Y.E.S. field studies allow our group to do things it can't do anywhere else in the world!  

    Explore, Inquire and Be Inspired: 
    Disney Youth Education Series Programs take place in the information-rich settings of the Disney     Parks in Florida to give students a hands-on, educational adventure. This collection of guided     field studies, available in Liberal Arts and Leadership Development, is accredited, standards-based and designed to reinforce our classroom lessons. Practice teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving skills as your group participates in one-of-a-kind moments that use the magic of Disney to make learning even more impactful. 

    Techniques of Teamwork Through Improvisation: 
    Overview - Great insights into how improvisational theories can be applied to real-life situations at home, school or in future careers. Every student plays a role in a mock production and is taught professional communication techniques that, with practice, help build confidence, unleash creativity and cultivate teamwork. 

    Disney Leadership Strategies: 
    Overview - Participants learn Disney management skills and business strategies for becoming an effective leader. Specially designed activities help students explore their entrepreneurial skills, practice communication with and empowering people and discover how to inspire team excellence. 

    Additional Information: 
    The Walt Disney World (FL.) trip that all students are required to attend includes leadership training at Walt Disney World through their Y.E.S. program. The trip to Walt Disney World does take place in the summer of 2017. Exact dates are still being selected. Note that you will be setting up a payment plan with The Chamber to get the Disney Trip payed off by June 30, 2017.  
    The program also has a $100.00 program fee to help offset costs of the activities and programs we put on throughout the year. 
    Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. 

    Junior Year Curriculum:

    Opening Retreat: Explore and Examine Leadership/Pre-Disney Training
    This retreat serves as an introduction to the program year. Students will participate in and explore group dynamics, team building, and decision-making and leadership concepts throughout the summer.

    As the students prepare for the retreat, they must first go through an Ethics training program and participate in Business interviews in the City of Superior. The reason we do this is to help prepare the students to fully participate, feel comfortable with one another, and be able to use their experiences from the Pre-Disney Training during the Disney Y.E.S. Programs. 

    Ethics: What Line Won't You Cross
    Each of us will be tested on what we truly believe and stand for in life. These "moments of truth" will vary for each of us, but when they arrive, they force us to make critical decisions about what we value - the principles we live by. Our integrity will be tested. 

    True Colors: Personality Assessment. What’s your color Spectrum?
    This personality assessment will help the students understand there leadership styles and how to interact with one other. After going through True Colors training, the students will learn more about themselves as a person and have a good foundation on how they can be a great leader.    

    Discussions, site visits and decision-making exercises may explore social responsibility, ethics, youth gangs, teen pregnancy, the homeless, child abuse, the welfare system, prejudice and other areas of human needs, health and services. This day is one where students will dig deep, feel and see the human side of the makeup of a community.

    The Justice System: The Law
    An in-depth review of the justice system and juvenile crime, how laws are made and carried out that affect the system, and how city, county and state governments operate.

    Business Tours: 
    Contrary to the Great Wizard of Oz we want our youth to look behind the curtains, walls, doors and anything else of our businesses in our community, especially those hidden businesses. Exploring what Superior and Douglas County has to offer as career options for after graduation. 

    Business and Economic Development:
    This program explores the history of the area and how it fits economically. Students may visit with business leaders to discuss topics such as starting and owning a business, women and minorities in business, attracting new industry and other economic development issues and concerns.

    Youth Trusteeship and Celebration: We've only just begun!
    A time to reflect on the year and to establish priorities based on the Youth Leadership experience, to be challenged for the future and to celebrate with classmates and family members at a graduation event. 
    Volunteer Day 
    You will spend a day or evening volunteering in our community to understand and see what the needs are of those who are less fortunate than you may be. One of the most valuable things to give someone is your time.

    Senior Year Curriculum:

    Knowledge to Action - During your senior year you will choose to serve on one of the following teams:

    School Outreach Team: This team is responsible for organizing the various school-related activities which may include: 5th Grade Career Day, 6th Grade Transition Day, 8th Grade Transition Day, the Excellence in Education Banquet, Kids First at Bryant. They will also be responsible for recruiting new members for the Leadership Program. They may create new and innovative programs for school outreach. 

    Philanthropy Team: The members of this team take responsibility for the granting process. Given $2,000.00 from The Chamber, the Philanthropy Team is responsible for allocating this money to group/s that meet the needs they have identified. This team may also seek additional funds for the project. They inform agencies of the opportunity to receive funding, enforce the criteria, determine which requesting group/s will be visited, make a recommendation to the full leadership council, make arrangements for the agency/agencies to receive their funds at the Excellence in Education Banquet, and create a presentation for the Excellence in Education Banquet. 

    Community Outreach Team: This team organizes opportunities for members of the leadership group to volunteer within the community. This includes: contacting agencies that address community needs and setting up visits for members of the team. Identifying events for the students to volunteer for and organizing community-wide opportunities for all the students in the Youth Leadership Program. 

    Monthly Programs
    September - May = Monthly Meetings/Events
    November = Philanthropy 
    February = Women in Leadership 
    March = Choices
    April = Overcoming Diversity
    May = Excellence in Education 
    June = Last – Middle – First Day 

    Team Members - Contact List

    Taylor Pedersen, President/CEO
    The Chamber, Superior & Douglas County

    Jana Stevens, Superintendent
    Superior School District

    Charlie Glazman, Associate Dean, Continuing Ed
    WITC - Superior

    Jake Siptroth, Education Director 
    The Chamber Foundation 

    Mike Matejka, Assistant Principal
    Superior High School

    Bonny Copenhaver, Vice President Academic Affairs & Campus Administrator 
    WITC - Superior 

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