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    It's a Christmas tradition for many to hop in the car and go out as a family and enjoy the many lighting displays across the Northland. In an effort to create a list of lighting displays and have some fun, we are continuing the Christmas Lighting Challenge. The Lighting Challenge will be both regional and local this year. We hope to provide each city involved a chance to have fun as a community while being a part of a greater event.

    Voting will be broken down by city and allow everyone the chance to vote in two categories for each city.  Those categories are Best in-home and Best in business based on the number of votes.  You can vote for your “Favorite City” this is to encourage friendly regional competition, which Superior won in 2017, 2018, and 2019!  Lastly, you can vote for the masters. This category is for homes that have won the previous two years of competition.

    Click here for a Map of all entries

    2021 Superior Winners
    Best in Home - 1829 East 7th Street (Will move to Masters Category next year!)
    Best in Business - Humane Society of Douglas County
    Ambassador's Choice - 2319 Susquehanna Avenue

    2021 Superior Entry Locations

    409 54th Avenue East
    3811 East 8th Street

    East End
    3008 East 5th Street
    2101 East 3rd Street
    1830 East 10th Street
    1829 East 7th Street
    217 17th Avenue East
    302 17th Avenue East
    611 12th Avenue East
    403 East 5th Street

    North/Central Superior
    1107 North 7th Street
    1512 Baxter Avenue
    1717 Hughitt Avenue
    1919 Weeks Avenue
    1302 North 21st Street
    3114 Hughitt Avenue

    Billings Park/South Superior
    1928 Missouri Avenue
    2319 Susquehanna Avenue
    2319 Iowa Avenue
    6007 Banks Avenue
    1521 Texas Avenue

    Humane Society of Douglas County – 138 Moccasin Mike Road
    Fairlawn Mansion – 906 East 2nd Street
    Richard I. Bong Veterans Historical Center – 305 Harborview Parkway
    Burger King – 724 Belknap Street
    Imperium Chiropractic – 1001 Belknap Street, Suite 111
    Senior Connections – 1805 North 16th Street
    Androy Hotel – 1213 Tower Avenue

    Click here for a downloadable .pdf of this list

    Awards will be given for the following categories in Superior
    Best in Home
    Best in Business
    Best home overall and Master (Competing with other cities)
    Ambassadors Choice.

    An award will also be given to the city voted "Favorite City." Duluth is the current reigning champion.

    This year’s 2021 featured cities include Duluth, Superior, Cloquet, and Hermantown. 
    The Ambassadors Choice Award is judged and selected by the Superior Douglas County Area Chamber Ambassadors. The Superior Douglas County Area Chamber Ambassadors will donate $5 per entry located in Superior or Douglas County to a local non-profit. This year the Chamber Ambassadors have chosen the Center Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse - CASDA as their non-profit recipient. CASDA will be receiving a $175 donation from the Ambassadors, and has also received a $250 anonymous donation in the spirit of the Challenge for a total of $425!

    Key Dates:
    House and local business registration begins November 19, 2021
    Voting by the community begins December 3, 2021
    All homes must be registered and displays turned on by December 5, 2021
    Voting ends December 20, 2021
    Prizes to be awarded at Bentleyville December 22, 2021

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