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  • DTA Will Host Service Change Open House on 3/27/19 at the DTC

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    March 06, 2019
    Media Contact:
    Heath Hickok
    Director of Marketing


    DTA Will Host Service Change Open House on 3/27/19 at the DTC
    DULUTH, MINNESOTA (March 4, 2019) – The Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) will host an Open House Information Session on proposed service changes to Routes 20, 21, and 22 on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at the downtown Duluth Transportation Center (DTC) located at 228 West Michigan Street.  These proposed changes will be effective June 2, 2019.
    The DTA implemented five new demonstration routes that were new service in the fall of 2017 through a two-year grant from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT).  Grant funding for these routes expires in June of 2019.  These new routes (5, 20, 21, 22, and 23) were subject to performance reviews for rider usage.  Three of these routes have not met the criteria for ridership usage.  The proposed changes to those routes are listed below pending our public comment period.  All public comments on these proposed changes will be compiled and shared with the DTA Board of Directors for review and a final decision on all proposed changes.
    If you would like to provide comment now, please send an email to planning@duluthtransit.com or call the DTA at 218-722-7283.  Comments may also be provided at the public meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 27th, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the DTC which is the DTA’s downtown transit passenger facility located at 228 West Michigan Street, Duluth, MN 55802.
    Proposed Changes:

    Route 20: Downtown to United Healthcare and the Airpark
    The current six weekday rounds trip from downtown to the Airport via United Health Care (UHC) to be adjusted to two am trips “From Downtown” and two pm trips “To Downtown”.  Routing will be adjusted to provide service between 6th Avenue East and Rice Lake Road via Central Entrance and Pecan Avenue.
    AM: Two departures from the Duluth Transportation Center (DTC) at 6:03 a.m. and 7:02 a.m. arriving at (UHC) at 6:25 a.m. and 7:25 a.m. and the Duluth International Airport (DLH) at 6:31 a.m. and 7:31 a.m.

    PM: Two Departures from DLH at 3:49 p.m. and 4:49 p.m., arriving at UHC at 3:57 p.m. and 4:57 p.m., and DTC at 4:25 p.m. and 5:25 p.m.
    Route 21: Lakeside to Miller Hill Mall via UMD
    Route discontinued in its entirety due to low ridership.
    Route 22: Lincoln Park to Lakeside
    Route adjusted to provide service between the Duluth Transportation Center (DTC) and 26th Avenue East via Superior Street and London Road.  Due to low ridership, the London Road service east of 26th Avenue East and Lakeside is dropped.  Lincoln Park, including service to Lincoln Park Middle School is also dropped.  Service between London Road/26th AE and DTC to be increased from once an hour to every ½ hour from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    If you would like more information on this press release or to schedule an interview with DTA General Manager, Phil Pumphrey, please contact DTA Director of Marketing, Heath Hickok, at 218-623-4314.
    The DTA’s mission is to provide a public transit service that is safe, convenient, efficient and affordable. It has been providing reliable service to the Duluth area for more than 132 years. The DTA has over 150 employees and 66 buses that provide service throughout the Twin Ports. The DTA Operating Center is located at 2402 West Michigan Street, Duluth, MN 55806 and the Duluth Transportation Center (DTC) is located at 228 West Michigan Street, Duluth, MN 55802.

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