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    February 02, 2024
    February 1st, 2024
    Media Contact: David Clark
    Director of Marketing

    Transit Equity Day Events 2024

    DULUTH, Minn. — The Duluth Transit Authority, Zeitgeist Center for Arts and Community, and community partners are honored to announce the celebration of Transit Equity Day as part of a yearly initiative in remembrance of Civil Rights Leaders Rosa Parks, Pauli Murray, and Claudette Colvin. The DTA and its Board of Directors have elected to offer free fares on the DTA Fixed Route and STRIDE Paratransit networks to every destination throughout the service day on Monday, February 5th. The DTA has also partnered with Zeitgeist, Family Freedom Center, The Arc Northland, and the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission to build a free community event: Transportation Trivia Night which took place on Wednesday, January 31st at Zeitgeist. In addition to free fares on both Fixed-Route and STRIDE Paratransit Monday, February 5th, there will be artwork made by local artists and teens installed on the outside and inside of three buses throughout the network through the month of February.

    “We at Family Freedom Center: Neighborhood Youth Services believe that access to public transportation is vital to the success of our city and its members. Continuing to make these systems equitable should be a focus of importance today and until we figure it out together.” — Pez Davila, Family Freedom Center Operations Director

    “Zeitgeist Center for Arts and Community believes that the ability to move about the community is at the heart of connecting with neighbors, family, and friends and critical to social and physical wellbeing. We are grateful for the DTA and community partners who work to ensure that all citizens have access to a public transit system that reliably, efficiently, and safely connects people to each other and to life’s necessities year-round. We stand with our community in ensuring full access to public transit systems are supported into the future.” — Andrea Crouse, Zeitgeist Community Development

    “We feel very strongly about the importance of equity in transportation in the Twin Ports.  Equity is the foundation on which public transit in Duluth is built. Initiatives such as Transit Equity Day work to inspire and educate. Working with our community partners, we will continue to pursue access and equity for all. It’s clear that continued awareness and meaningful opportunities through vibrant and well-funded transit are the keys to an even brighter future for the Twin Ports.” — Rod Fournier, DTA General Manager

    Key Details:
    Fares will be free on both Fixed Route and Paratransit Vehicles Monday, February 5th.  Three buses will have exterior artwork outside and 15 inside the bus in honor of Transit Equity Day.
    David Clark, Director of Marketing
    dclark@duluthtransit.com, 218-623-4314

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