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  • WITC-Superior Phase Two Renovation Underway

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    May 16, 2019
    Phase two of renovations continue at WITC-Superior campus, despite the up and down weather that brought rain, snow and cold to the Twin Ports.
    Recap of Phase 1 - 2018
    Over the summer of 2018 during phase one, the building got a new façade, exterior paint job and preliminary construction for the new front entrance facing Catlin Avenue. Additional projects included relocating the Student Life office, replacing the glass on the atrium’s exterior wall, installing new plumbing throughout the building, and renovating the bathrooms on the second and third floors.  Work was also done to remodel and retool technology and industry program labs and classrooms.
    Current work on Phase 2 - 2019
    Now, phase two will bring it all together.  WITC welding students will contribute a sculptural piece that will be located on the new front entrance patio. New staff and student parking lots, an updated entrance for the conference center, and completion of the patio and entrance will be completed by fall 2019.
    "What will happen in this phase is the atrium glass wall facing Catlin Avenue will become our new entrance," said Stephanie Erdmann, vice president of academic affairs and Superior Campus administrator. "This new entrance will be off Catlin and it will bring students and visitors into our newly remodeled atrium. At this front entrance, the bookstore, student services, our cafeteria and our student life will all be there."
    The new look featuring the outdoor patio will have new sidewalks and columns, which will support an iron-like sculptural piece (made by the welding students) called a colonnade. The colonnade is replicating the bridge between the Twin Ports. The other entrances around the building will have a smaller version of the colonnade. All of the current entrances will stay as they are, but the soon-to-be former entrance will be designated as handicapped accessible.
    The new parking lot will be using underground technology called bioswales, designed for stormwater treatment, which remove silt and pollution from surface water runoff.
    "It was quite interesting to learn about," Erdmann said. "I think the neighbors and those in the community will be pleased to hear of these bioswales."
    Twenty-six new trees will be planted in the parking lot area to replace trees removed in the first phase. Lighted signage will be installed at the entrances of the parking lot as well.
    WITC-Superior is slated for more construction in 2020, including updating the third floor classrooms with lighting and technology, changing them to become Next Generation classrooms.

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