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    Douglas County and Superior are a mecca for recreational opportunities offering four seasons of fun. Here, the history, culture, and beauty of these counties are marvels that must be experienced, not just witnessed.

    A variety of trail activities including mountain biking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, motorcycling, bird-watching, paddling – even downhill skiing are plentiful. Superior- Douglas County has an unbelievable variety of trail settings. Enjoy secluded trails in some of the most pristine wilderness areas in the Midwest. Travel road routes that run along Lake Superior’s sculpted shores, cross raging rivers and follow winding river valleys.

    Whatever brings you to Superior-Douglas County to have fun, be sure to check out the reports on the current conditions of our trails and availability of popular activities. In order for you to get the most from your visit, check back often as updates can change frequently depending upon the season and weather.

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    Winter Snowmobile and All-Season Trails (As of 2/18/2020)

    Currently, ALL of Douglas County trails are open and are reporting great to excellent condition.  Please note, deer have been reported on trails, so please keep an eye out while traveling. 

    PLEASE check the trail you intend to use is open and do not trespass on private property. It is critical that we respect the landowners who allow us to utilize their property.  It just takes one owner to deny the use of their land for a trail to be permanently shut down, so please be courteous and wait for the trails to officially open. 

    The following all-season trails are currently open to ATV, UTV, and Snowmobiles: 

    SW Quadrant 

    Open Trails
    Trail 5 - Groomed last week
    Trail 5A - Groomed last week
    Trail 930 - Groomed last week
    Trail 935 - Groomed last week
    Trail 835 - Groomed last week
    Trail 925 - Groomed last week
    Trail 9 - Groomed 

    SE Quadrant

    Open trails: 
    Wild Rivers Trail (Trail 35) - Groomed
    Trails 27B - Groomed
    Trail 27C - Groomed last week
    Trails 41S - Groomed 
    Trail 41B - Groomed 
    Trail 217 - Groomed
    Trail 41 WRT to the Warming Shack - Groomed (Watch for logging)
    Trail 727 - Groomed
    Trail 17N - Groomed
    Trail 17S - Groomed (Use caution on Creek crossings)
    Trail 7 - Groomed last week
    Trail 27 - Groomed last week
    Trail 3  - Groomed 
    Trail 5 - Groomed
    Trail 541 - Groomed

    NE Quadrant

    Trail 1 - Groomed
    Trail 2 - Groomed
    Trail 4 - Groomed
    Trail 6 - Groomed
    Trail 24 - Groomed
    Trail 27/27A - Groomed
    Trail 35 (WRT) - Groomed
    Trail 235 - Groomed

    Some high traffic areas have developed scattered icy corners. Groomers are avoiding the logging job between HWY D and Trail 24. Watch for logging on Trail 6 and Trail 4. 

    NW Quadrant

    Open Trails:
    Gandy Dancer Trail - Groomed (watch for deer crossing between Moen Road and County Road BB)
    Saunders Grade Trail - Groomed
    Wrenshall Grade - Groomed
    Trail 0 - Groomed 
    Trail 28 - Groomed 
    Cross-Town Connector -  Groomed
    4/41 from the Warming Shack West - Groomed 

    Click here for a downloadable map of open trails.

    Cross Country Ski Trails (As of 2/18/2020)

    Douglas County Ski Trails - The ski trails have been groomed on 2/14 and are in good condition! 

    Superior Municipal Forest - All trails are groomed - but please note, grooming will be limited this week due to staff training. Staff will be back to normal schedules next week. Trails are in very good condition, watch for ice in some areas.

    Pattison State Park -  Last confirmed grooming was on 2/5. The trails are hard and icy in some areas with track missing. Vehicle admission to the park is required. 

    Brule River After Hours Trail -  Skate lanes have been freshly combed for skating and a new track has been set and tracked for the classic trails. 11" well-packed base. Trail conditions are excellent!

    For further information, please contact the Douglas County Forestry Department at 715-378-2219 Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm excluding Holidays.


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