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  • The Senior Project & Community Mentorship - "Where Relationships Lead to Success” 
    Superior High School  

    Senior Project Coordinators:
    Robert Scott
    394-8720 ext. 193

    What is a Senior Project?
    The Senior Project is a “learning stretch” final assignment.  Basically, the purpose is to ask each student to take the learning he/she has acquired over thirteen years of public education and add to it.  The project requires students to research, design and present a project that reflects their interests, knowledge and skills gained in school and their vision for the future.  The Senior Project is an independent, student-selected project.

    Project Options

    • Service Learning
    • Career Exploration
    • Self-Development 
    • Formal/Academic

    Project Requirements

    • Project idea can be proposed and approved during the student’s junior or senior year.
    • 20 hour (minimum) involvement is necessary during the summer or senior year.
    • Must work with a teacher advisor.
    • Must find and work with a community mentor.
    • Parent approval of project is required.
    • Formal exhibition will be presented at the end of the senior year.
    • Completion of Senior Project Portfolio to document student work is required.
    • Evaluation of project will be pass/fail.


      • September
        • Introduction to project in class assembly.
      • January
        • Students meet teacher advisor and begin the planning process.
      • May
        • Students identify three project proposals.
        • Students may submit a proposal and begin their project.
      • September
        • Introduction to project proposal writing.
      • October
        • Final project proposals are due.
      • November
        • Select a community mentor to support your project.
      • February
        • Regular progress checks with teacher advisor and mentor expected.
      • March
        • Submit all senior project materials.
        • Practice exhibitions.
        • Senior Project Exhibitions held.

    The Senior Project IS a graduation requirement beginning with the Class of 2006

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