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  • Activity Fees:

    There is a yearly $100.00 activity fee to be in the program. This fee is used to help offset costs of program events. 

    1. There is a Walt Disney World (Fl.) trip that all students are required to attend. This trip includes leadership training at Walt Disney World through their Y.E.S. (Youth Education Series) program.  The trip to Walt Disney World does take place in the summer of 2018 towards the end of July; exact dates will be chosen after the first of the year.  The cost of the trip is in the range of $800.00-$900.00 dollars. (Please note: this is subject to change as we do not know ticket/travel costs until closer to the dates of the trip) If you are unable to pay a onetime payment, we have payment plans available.
    2. Parents, if your son/daughter has applied for the Youth Leadership Program and you feel that the activity fees will be a hardship, please click on the scholarship application button located at the bottom of this page and complete. Our goal is to not let financial assistance hold your child back from applying/participating in the program. This information is confidential and only Taylor Pedersen, Interim President CEO or Jake Siptroth, Foundation Education Director will receive these forms.

    * Parents,  if you change your email address or cell phone number please give us a call at  715.394.7716 to let us know and we will update your information.   

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